International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

The Event is over for us and has been a resounding success. My wonderful group of 52 has had an absolute ball, but we leave today for further adventures.

Everyone is excited at the prospect.

The opening function was spectacular, I've been to many show openings and this one was the best I've attended. Irish dancers, instrumentalists and singers  entertained the guests at the highest level, it was like a Broadway show.

This is the Mayor of the Festival, his wife and a friend. They were there to meet and greet and help everyone enjoy the event.

This show was purely Irish, but people attended from all over the world. Bus loads of people arrived in a steady stream. The sunshine yesterday lifted the spirits.

Irish music was in the air, It was piped through the entire venue, inside and outside and you couldn't help but be happy.

There were 16 different exhibitions, a pavilion of booths and classes with 18 local and International Tutors


Let the flowers bloom. A Hungarian Irish Project.


I will add more tomorrow if I have time.

But we begin our week long tour, we're just one of 20 bus loads of excited tourists.

The Quilt event is built into the tour, unlike attending other quilt shows the dream continues for 10, 11, or even 12 days so you engage in a purely Irish experience.

It's 2.00 am. and I need to sleep so more tomorrow.

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  1. Eileen Keane says:

    Wow, Pam! How does one sign up for one of your tours?

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