International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

For the first time in almost two weeks, I have an evening that I can relax into.

I felt really ill today  with streaming eyes, and asthma. As soon as I got to my hotel room, it disappeared so it must be something on the bus or even in the environment. So I'll stack up the antihistamines and hit it head on.

I was too tired to finish my description of the recent Event in Ireland last night.

So I will head right into it again.

Yesterday I was able to view all of the exhibits in detail.

Yin and Yang  sponsored by Fabric Freedom was one such



Wings of Dreams by Dana Lynch pf Olive Branch, Mississippi won the Grand Prize.

IMG_0681Trees, once vibrant and living reduced by pollution & clear-cutting leaving only woodpiles by Nancy Sacho, Ontario Canada.


 Sponsored by Hoffman Fabrics.


  Majestic  by Larene Smith gained the Grand Prize.

I can't find the photos !!!!!

Larene States, "At the end of each pattern I write, "jump for joy and sing a song for a quilt well done"

Neighbors, sponsored by the sewing shed. 

The neighbours  exhibit represents the Quilters of the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



Gortin Aging well group.

Traditional Miniatures

Sponsored by McCalls Quilting Magazine

Grand Prize, Home at last, Carolyn L Koler, Amherst, Ohio.

Unfortunately this quilt didn't photo graph well because it was placed on a shiny background and the flash bounced… sorry.

My Quilted Garden was a viewers choice.

Sponsored by

Along with the antique Irish quilts, this was one of my favorite exhibitions.

"As you follow walk into one of the most beautiful rooms in the Quilters Castle you walk from quilt to quilt following a fabric rock path."


Wild flowers by Bridie O'Mahony


Hydrangeas – Donna  Gervasi, Pura Switzerland

Terry's flower bed by Terry Albers, Green Bay  Wisconsin




Blush, Regina De Matteo, Las Vegas Nevada

The Road less Traveled,

Sponsored by Sew Many Places


Putting down the River Avon NZ #2

Lafyette, Colorado Grand Prize.

Chocolate Decadence

Sponsored by Pfaff.



Bridgit  Schuller

Regelsberg, Germany, Grand Prize.


For You  Cupcakes,

Peggy Bass, Fort Scott, Kansas

There were other exhibitions and I will have to share them tomorrow.






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    those were excellent pam and ty for posting my cupcake…it made me cry…peg in ks

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