Recapturing Ireland

International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

I'm back in NY and I finally have time to sit at the computer.

I tried working on the plane, but my brain didn't keep company with the hands.


Our bus.

It's been a trip of wonderful memories.

A few glitzes with a computer system that was beyond any ones  control was sorted out and the participants now have a $100 voucher for their next trip.

Thanks to Jim and his crew, the 49 people on my bus had a wonderful time, as did I. It was a lot of work, I didn't get much sleep and I was terrified I would loose someone in the woods but  they all managed to return.!!!

The accommodation, tours, and excellent dining all went to make it a special event.

Temporary Poster

This was our last accommodation Druids Inn Resort.

Bus driver Mike who was with us for the entire tour and event assistant Rory on the first day made life easier for me as a tour leader.

We laughed a lot and had tears at an emotional event that was a surprise for us all.


Previous posts describe the early part of the trip as we traveled to Killarney.


(Irish: Cill Airne, meaning "church of sloes") is a town in County Kerry, southwestern Ireland. The town is on the northeastern shore of Lough Leane and a stopping off point for the Ring of Kerry.

Our hotel was right in the center of the city. It was like a home away from home and a small sitting room in the front of the hotel afforded us some interesting experiences.

The ladies sat, sewed and chatted in that room and on one instance I was giving a talk about my quilts… the reaction of the parade of passers by was hilarious, one man went past 5 times…. I had my back to him, but the group was in stitches at his curiosity and interaction with them.

From the church around the corner to the music in the pub it was a great stopping off point.

ColorsI also had a day off to catch up on work, get my hair done and visit with my group.

We had a day trip to The Ring of Kerry and the sun shone brightly  creating and ambiance of well being.

Traveling from Killarney, we came to the town of KILLORGIN, famous for the “Puck Fair”. We drove along the coastline of the broad Iveragh Peninsula, through the towns of GLENVEAGH, WATERVILLE, CAHIRCIVEEN and SNEEM. The scenery included spectacular wind-swept cliffs, still lakes, lost valleys and rocky mountains blended amongst the awesome beauty. As one looks around it is easy to agree with the old Irish saying, “Even if a man has only a small bit of earth here, he has a lot of the heavens.”

I found a quilt in the re-constructured Bog Village.

Thatched roofs, piles of peat, old tools and everything is green…

I had to try the Irish coffee and it was indeed a most delicious surprise.


On to the sheep dog demonstration.


The sheep-dog demonstration at Caitins is one of the most unusual – and popular – sights on the Ring of Kerry. Local farmer Brendan Ferris  introduces you to his sheep dogs. In the distance, a flock of sheep can be seen widely dispersed on the side of the mountain behind him.
Brendan then gives a fascinating demonstration of how sheep dogs are used to bring in the sheep on real farms. Responding to Brendan's whistled commands, the dogs guide the sheep downwards. Miraculously, by the end of the demonstration all the sheep are calmly gathered in a pen beside you.


We walked on Peat harvesting bogs.


Then on to view the most amazing scenery along the coast.IMG_1032
More this evening.



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    Wonderful. Interesting. Inviting. Thrilling… what the heck happened that caused tears? Got my curiosity up, for sure. I’m betting that us “followers” aren’t gonna be able to find out. Sigh. Thanks again for sharing. As always… loving your work.

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    I’ll share it, but it has to go up on my web page, not this forum.

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