A busy day.

Its been a bit difficult writing the blog because the internet is really slow right now. It takes a long time to add photos so I will just have to write most of the blog.

The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts begins today with a dinner at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in town and a I will give a small presentation.

The description is below.

Like many or you who are professional quilters, I have so many people ask me where I get ideas from, and then say to me, well "I'm not creative, I can't do that"

The question is, "are we born creative or is it learned" its a bit like the chicken and egg question and I would have to say that its a combination of both really.

We discussed it on radio yesterday morning.

I honestly find it hard to explain, however, I find using images are the best way for me to describe the process rather than verbal descriptions.  To be honest, We all have the software to be creative, we’ve just forgotten how to use it.

The day began very early, by 9.00 am,  and with two radio interviews done, we went to breakfast at a small local restaurant.

Eggs over easy, crispy bacon, coffee and french toast, for the amazing sum of just $4.95.

I love the atmosphere  and I people watch as much as I eat.

I see friends enjoying their breakfast with their buddies, the coffee is poP1000471ured from a continuously fresh pot, your cup is never empty and the meals are delivered by the waitress with  familiarity and style. I figure most people being served come in daily. The soft biscuits with gravy looked delicious. So different from home, but what a great way to begin the day.

On to the bank to find that a huge amount of the preparation for the event was almost complete. I had to sign books to go into the bags,

and Caron made great playing card tags for each person involved and they were signed as well.


Check, double check and then check again. There is so much to do but the members of the team are amazing.

A visit to the local antique mall looking for vintage cards made my heart beat a little faster when I found an antique quilt and a vintage quilt top for around $100….

I've added the photos to my face book page, and I think you might find them interesting.

But right now, I need to go for a walk before the sun comes up.. it was 102 yesterday and will be the same today…. 'beaudy nuke'

Well, I managed some photos, but it' quicker to put the into face book.




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