Is that the real Pam Holland?

Someone rang the class registration line the other day…. "Is that the REAL Pam Holland?"

Well, if its not its a good imitation.!!!

Then again, actually, who is the real Pam Holland?


I really don't know if I should wear my Nano watch to class, it tells me I walked 8.5 miles in class today, knowing that, NOW I feel extremely tired.  My class room is huge, and yes, I walked miles today.

It was a super class –   thank you everyone.

The vendors set up their booths today and the event officially opens tomorrow.


Today's class was thread painting. It was a new class to many, but everyone worked through the technique with enthusiasm.

A class like this can be daunting at times, but in fact it's just a technique. These boots were thread painted well.


Today we are making notebook quilts, its a class with character and the creative juices will flow.



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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Sounds like a great event! Love the koala overseeing the boots. I still have my koala clipped to my pin basket. 🙂 Is the orange phone going home with you?

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