2012 Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts

The internet was a bit slow last night so it was difficult to do the blog.

The event opened to the pubic yesterday and it was an extremely busy day.

Music filtered through the noise of the crowd, courtesy of a master musician playing a Native American Flute. It was just plain exciting and for the group of tireless workers who put it all together, it is the culmination of a years work.



The flute player

I stepped outside the classroom, into the vendors mall for a bit and just enjoyed the ambiance. The temperature rose into the 100's outside, but it was cool inside thanks to a very efficient air conditioner.



the vendors

Most of the participants have taken the 3 full days of class and they are a lovely group of ladies.

Today we do two small classes.

I have a great helper… Miss Lisa Blevins. She keeps me on track and is my efficient side kick.



The AHS Cheerleaders

This group of young people provided a very professional service in the form of a delicious lunch, with my favorite,  Green chili cheeseburgers….!!!! They had grape salad, hot dogs, nachos etc… I overheard one young girl excitedly say. "I just made my first burger"!!!!I think they are super young people,  I just want to hug them all. I did actually get to hold a baby yesterday. I miss my grandies.


We finished the day with delicious food and frozen Italian margaritas. Tex-Italian I think you would call it.

Its all gone so quickly. My thanks to all concerned. You have done a wonderful job and 100's of children will benefit from your efforts.



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