Our annual Thelma and Louise trip – 2012

Driving through the sunrise was amazing this morning.



Leaving Alamogordo

It's been such a busy two months, the realization that I had a week off hit me with a rush of excitement.


As we drove, we played music to compliment our generation, (Peter Paul and Mary). The conversation was great and we were surrounded by beautiful scenery, really what more could we ask for?

Brown hills rolled gently to the road, a mile wide green ribbon of foliage beside the road told us that we were following the Rio Grande.






Before we had freedom Lisa had a presentation  to give at the Trinity site. I've been there before and I'm still in awe at the event  that happened at the site and changed the world all those years ago.

A bus load of young science students from the USA and other parts of the world…were the participants and they were so interested. I was impressed by their questions.



studying trinitite

It was hot, the sky was blue beyond belief and I feel so privileged to have been there.



We ate ice cream, sang American and Australian patriotic songs, had conversations with Boris the man in the GPS and solved the worlds problems with our intelligent observations.

Tomorrow we go to Taos to take photos of the Pueblo, we need to find restaurants and do a review for our tour next year… the Common Thread fabric shop is on the list as is the Cultural Threads exhibition and the Remarkable Women exhibition… so we hope to have a lot to share tomorrow.

We are staying in a resort. Its very nice, pools, spas and restaurants, but the best is the balcony with a view of the mountains.        And very nice beds….!!!




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  1. Fancy God putting your colours in the sky? A special blessing Pammy.

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