Have you ever heard of a sculptor named Roxanne Swentzell?



The clowns


I saw her work in the gallery here at the resort last year. I was mesmerized, and in saying that I mean it most sincerely.

The expression on the faces of her characters is reflective of the emotion their body language portrays.

Yesterday we realized that her gallery was just a block down the street from our residence. We called in quite late in the day and had the gallery to ourselves. They kindly allowed us to view a short documentary on her work.


We just sat there in the semi dark when it was finished. She had shared an intimate understanding of her need to communicate through her art.


Isn't that what we all do in one form or another? somehow she put it most eloquently and it was  an aha moment for me.

In a recent article by Mateo Romero he states.

"Rox's work emotes. Figures of clowns, old men and women, and children twist, turn, undulate, laugh, cry, repair themselves, interact with each other, and love each other. It is through this intricate balance of elements that her work reaches our humanity and engages us as both audience and participant."


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