Our annual Thelma and Louise trip – 2012 day 4.

Most of the country is in the grip of a heatwave.

Sadly, 100's of people have lost houses to wild fires. I live in a wild fire area and we've had to evacuate twice so I'm very much aware of the danger and a little on edge.


By Keith Coffman

COLORADO, SPRINGS, Colo., June 28 – A wildfire that forced the evacuation of 35,000 people from the edge of Colorado's second-largest city has killed at least one person and incinerated 346 homes, making it the most destructive blaze in state history, officials said on Thursday.

They have issued warnings on the news this morning for fires 56 miles from here but to date there is no danger. It was 108 deg yesterday. 


Santa Fe is at an elevation 6000 feet above sea level so fitting in 10.000 steps a day hasn't happened  – but we're doing well at around 7,000. Exercising and enjoying life and doing wonderful things. No, I don't wear these boots, (but I do have some at home) and bring them out or special occasions… but I loved these.


Next year, we will share our trip with 12 like minded people and what a feast we have in store for you.

Today I mention the art and photography of Lenny Foster take a look at this link.

Lisa and I visited with him a couple of days ago in Taos and his studio is definitely on the 'list. His photos of hands are amazing and very emotive.

In his Artist Statement, he states that he is thankful for his sight  both physical and imaginative. (wonderful words)

We visited Chamayo.

El Santuario de Chimayo is the center of the unique art and culture of northern New Mexico. Within the walls of El Santuario and Santo Niño chapels can be found wonderful works of Hispanic art, including several santos and religious frescoes.

For generations Native American Indians, the Hispanics of the Southwest, and other people of faith have traveled to the site of El Santuario de Chimayo to ask for healing for themselves or for others.

I'm not certain what the reason is for the 100's of pairs of shoes on the alters.

Our favorite place to eat is Rancho Chimayo.

Located in a restored, century old adobe home and surrounded by a huge mountain range, its a wonderful stopping off place.

We found it last year by just stumbling on it…. and of course it was a must for this year.

We certainly weren't disappointed.


Chicken Quesedila


Tortilla soup

I'm behind with events… but will get to share most of them.

Yesterday we found another 'must' for the tour. The Travelers Market.

My heart almost stopped when I walked in.

I think there are about 4 booths of vintage and antique cultural fabrics, beads, books, quilts and furniture.

Oh my goodness.



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  1. SharronS says:

    Pam, if I remember correctly the little shoes are left for Santa Nino because he wore out his shoes when he walked through all the valleys and hills performing his miracles.

  2. Like those tiny little shoes! 🙂

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