Month: July 2012

Last day of Long Beach

It was a little quieter yesterday. The hustle and bustle had gone and I was able to spend good quality time looking at the quilts. It seemed that almost half of the quilts were labeled 'No photographs' I'm not going to comment, but I did hear a lot of rumbling from viewers. The quilts I could photograph are the stars. I snapped this photo of one of the happy viewers. Harrier Hunting, by Ruth A Powers. Orange Lilies by Terry Grant. Portland Oregon. This is one of the 12 X 12 series and I think these are my favorite quilts. If you ever get the opportunity to see them take the time to look at them in detail, they are wonderful.     Central Park, Kirsten Duncan, Townsville Queensland. Kirstens Quilt is one of the 12 X 12 series. I think all of the machine companies were represented and I'm particularly interested in the sweet 16 from handiquilter. I didn't see a lot of notions, I don't know, but from my casual observation I didn't …

The wind down

  Goodness. I began this blog 3 times last night and got distracted with other work, then I succumbed to sheer exhaustion. It was if I had a hand on my shoulder holding me back. Its the wind down after a long tour. Looking back, its been an inspirational tour. I've loved every minute of it. I am so lucky that I get to meet  the nicest people. My friends in Ireland on the tour and class, friends in Alamogordo, New York, LA, Long Beach, Taos and Santa Fe. A number of people came up to me when I was photographing yesterday and mentioned "I know you, I read your blog, or I follow your videos on the Quilt Show" well, thank you for being interested. I really do appreciate your sentiments. My camera has captured my life in images and I've documented it in words in great detail on this tour. I'm putting it into a book this time. Even though this is my Sabbatical year, I had to take a break to fulfill  …

Now I can relax.

Class has been wonderful, I  walked over 20 miles in class over the past 3 days !!!!! I had my Nano watch on and I combined the tally last night… then I felt even more tired. We had celebratory drinks at a wonderful Mexican restaurant on the boardwalk. Then on a whim, we took to the air on the Ferris Wheel. The sun was going down, the air cool and fresh and the view was spectacular.   Today, I have time to walk the floor and photograph the show…. As usual, there are some wonderful quilts to look at.   This is a really interesting quilt.   It was part of the West Coast wonders Exhibition 2012 My thoughts are of home. Its a prolonged adventure and the happiness of arriving back on Adelaide soil will be tinged in sadness, I have to attend the funeral of a friend just an hour later. The fragility of life. Make every moment special.       Related articles Lets feature a quilt.

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Just about to begin a new day at the festival. I've not had nuch tine to look around but tomorrow is a free day so I anticipate that I can do a good report. I like the composition of this photo. piced background adds to the dimension. I ike the quilting on the leaves of this quilt. Gotta go…..!!! more later.  

Lets feature a quilt.

Walter Langley – The Old Quilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I'm rather tired tonight, the legs are refusing to move and yet I still have to walk to the restaurant for dinner. So I decided to feature a quilt…. I will try to add more before I go to bed, but its been a busy day.             I think this is a wonderful quilt. I can't remember what section it is in, but I will tell you tomorrow…   The Artist.   The structure of this shell is wonderful. The seaweed pods are so realistic. great quilting. I think this is an amazing quilt…..  

Long Beach is about to begin.

  I worked on the computer finishing a program today, had lunch, a long walk and had my nails done. Long beach is about to begin and we get to see the quilts and shop the booths tomorrow. Its such fun seeing everyone arrive. Cars bursting with quilting paraphernalia pull up to the hotel door. Trolleys full of cases, and 'special' bags are lined up waiting to be taken to the rooms in the Hyatt. I didn't take one photo today. I can't believe it. However, I certainly observed.. I went to a Greek restaurant for a snack for lunch…. It was packed. Why, well number one the food is great, secondly the proprietor, greeted every guest as his special friend. He  greeted everyone with a hug and a jovial laugh and everyone walked in smiling. Then as you left he did the same. I watched as he greeted possibly 100 people in this way. I couldn't help but smile.  

Photograph the day

It's a fun exercise. I took my small camera (point and shoot) which is a very sophisticated camera by the way, and set it to take sepia images. I love sepia photos, I find it makes you focus more on the image that working with color. Its vintage and the shadows add dimension to the photos. I photographed, the things I saw and took interest in as I traveled to my next venue.   Photographing the hollywood stars     Each day we view millions of compositions, try capturing some for a day Some of the images were taken out of a tinted car window adding another dimension.   I want to be able to look back in 10 years and check fashion and car styles.   Others were taken when I was walking to lunch in Long Beach.   luggage, how it changes over the years lunch a Normandy crepe Its a fun experiment, it costs you nothing and you have a great record of the day.   You can see the full album …

How do you find your Mojo?

Score of Baude Cordier's chanson "Belle, bonne, sage," from The Chantilly Manuscript, Musée Condé 564. The manuscript is one of the classic examples of ars subtilior, which requires red notes, or "coloration" to indicate changes in note lengths from their normally written values. This chanson, a dedicatory piece on the love of a lady and a lord written in the shape of a heart, opens the corpus. Note the heart of notes within the larger heart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I write about my travel adventures, my creative experiments , my ideas and techniques in textile art. But it hasn't always been that way. for 40 years, I had a large family to take care of and a business to run. Life rolled on at an alarming pace. The adventures were many and varied in those days, mostly good, sometimes frightening and the deaths of our children flung us into deep despair. But from an early age I was looking to find 'me' not the daughter my Mum wanted me to be or the wife and …

Our lives are fragile.

Signature of Helen Keller (1880-1968) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I looked at my Ipad at 2.00 am yesterday morning and awoke to hear of the terrible tragedy in Colorado. We've been shown a fragile side of life. Lives are forever changed and its a reminder that we never know when our lives will end. The absurdity of dysfunctional imaginings and the reality of their reactive behavior puts any one of us at risk at all times. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.Helen Keller I'm finishing some articles today and spending the rest of the day relaxing and walking. I need to get out and walk the 10,000 steps a day I've set myself. I've failed miserably…. I've just done around 7000 in everyday life. My room looks to the hills and considering I'm on the 22nd floor I don't have to close the curtains….It was wonderful to wake up with the sun on my face this morning. It's something I've loved since I was a small …