Our annual Thelma and Louise trip – 2012 day 5.

Yesterday we visited the Santa Fe Quilt shop.

Its well appointed and very busy when we were there.

I was able to purchase another 5 pieces of fabric, 3 of Terrie Mangats and 2 Dr Zeus pieces to make things for our babies….


Now I need to design….I have lots of ideas but we've been busy.

We leave this area tomorrow, but I will be back for two weeks from the 5th…. on my own retreat…..so I should be able to get a lot of work done.

I have 3 videos to do and 3 articles to write…. then if I have time, I can work on the Bayeux book… sit by the pool and visit the festival.

I hope I get to meet some of the quilters in the area.

Continuing our movie program, we visited the internet checked out the movie Moonrise Kingdom ("Best movie of the year) it said…. OOOOH we spent 3 hours wishing we hadn't visited. It's ….its arty, its strange…. I mean I like different things but this was well out of my weird range.

We have a lot to complete today so I must leave. NOW

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