Design process

Its early morning and the coffee tastes good. The sun is coming in the window in shafts of gold and the temperature will rise into the 100's again.

The cat is my protector sitting under the curtains and keeping guard just in case the rabbits get too close to the house.


Cat on Guard

I sit at the computer and think goodness, where do I start. !!

The emails are many.

Illustrations need to be done.

I have a photographic assignment to do, magazine articles to write and film editing to complete.

But then again, maybe not today.

What am I going to do with that fabric I purchased?

The ideas and the images are there, the desire it there but sometimes I need a trigger of an idea and then I'm off.

Temporary Poster
The figures on the fabric, the broken plates, the black and white moving dots and stripes…its like a puzzle and the exciting thing is I need to put it all together to capture the spirit of the fabric. Considering I have 10 patterns it's going to be a challenge. It would loose its 'whole' if I cut it into blocks or strips.

I buy very little fabric choosing instead to buy for the design I've created, so this is going to be an interesting experience. I'll keep you informed on the progress.

I worked this way as a fashion designer. I created garments to fit the fabric I loved… so it's not new to me, just a challenge.!!!

I hope to take time tonight to do something very special.

Some 20 miles from here is the White Sands National Monument and it will be full moon tonight and we're taking a picnic,  cameras and a great deal of expectation of taking superb photos…

I've photographed there many  times. Its like being in a moonscape with rolling white dunes of gypsum that really looks like hills of snow.



The gypsum that makes up the white sands starts out as clear, translucent sand grains. As the wind bounces the sand grains along the ground, they collide and scratch each other. The scratches change the way light reflects off the grains, making the sand appear white.



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  1. Maria says:

    Pam, what a gorgeous photograph! Good luck with your project for all the fabric too. I love how all the colours and patterns complement each other so well.

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