On the road again.

Last nights blog was a little short, but to be honest I was very tired after a  celebratory day.

No, it wasn't fancy, just a day with friends but  rather special

4 ladies got together at a friends hairdressing salon for some "interesting" maintenance….

Mine was to enhance the eyebrows… which have now become rather fair and invisible. 320408_3409648195435_1107890450_n

The problem was, the dye refused to remove from my skin completely, so I went to lunch looking like Groucho Marx.

While the others had their hair attended to, I walked down the street to the Annual Parade. I was unaware it was on until I almost reached the city so I was unprepared with cameras.

My small hand bag point and shoot camera was all I had and It did a sterling job of filming and photographing.

I've made a short movie for my family back home.

I love parades and this one lived up to all my expectations.

It was a great family affair, everyone was out on the street, waving flags, smiling, collecting candy from the participants and the sun shone down and smiled…..even the animals were there.

We graduated to a 'Ladies Lunch with eyebrows' and the conversation flowed.

The evening festivities were eagerly anticipated and coolers, and trucks were packed to capacity as we once again made our way back into the city to attend the annual fireworks display.

We had privilege passes and we were able to park high on the hill above the city of Alamogordo in the car park of the New Mexico Space Museum.


The barbeques fired up, the music began and the ambiance was wonderful.


But… I have to finish this tonight, I'm on the road again today….



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