working hard.

Staying and working in an hotel has its limitations… you have to be very creative.

First of all I always carry my own plate, spoon/fork/knife combination, hot cup and cold cup…. !!! strange but true and very handy.

Diet is compromised so today's lunch was hummus and pita bread from trader joe's, a banana and goats cheese and crackers.. also from trader joe's and stored in my friends small icebox…

I drank Coffee that is now cold from breakfast and I've even done the washing and ironing… I'm so domesticated.

I've been working on the last of the illustrations for the book.

There seem to be 100's in there… but as I go through it I find that I need to illustrate more… but where do I stop?



Mr Ow Orrible.

So work done, I now have a lecture to go to and a documentary to attend.


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