A gem of a day… a short visual story.


The day was warm and sun soaked.
I sat on the cement ledge of the fountain situated in the plaza in the center of Santa Fe.

People were sitting in the shade, on the lawns and on the pavement in front of the pavilion.

Some came prepared with their own chairs, others just stood and chatted companionably with friends.


Dogs and children accompanied by their parents took the opportunity to run… or toddle. I had fun watching a particular Mum run around after her child… I felt like asking her to relax.

The band played on and you just couldn't help but tap the feet or do a jig in your head.

People began to dance…

Wonderful characters, enjoying their day.

They were complete strangers, connecting in such a fun way.

An hour or so went past and the smiles continued.


An elderly gentleman with a walking stick, put me to shame for my lack of co-ordination. He danced and danced.

It was a gem of a day.

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  1. peggy a bass says:

    a gem of a little glimpse into your day.. ty so much…peg in ks

  2. Carolyn says:

    Those kind of days get put into a box marked ‘treasure’.

  3. Beautiful! By The Way…got my Houston Quilt Festival badge and classes…I got in! I can hardly wait to be in your class, so exciting! Have a great day! Pamie G.

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks everyone.
    Pamie, glad you made it to class….. we’ve chatted for a long time… now we spend a day together.!!!

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