How do you remember the wonderful ideas and artists work you see?

My artists.iba
With the advent of amazing computer programs, I create a book for my inspiration.

When I get to several hundred pages I will have it printed …..  just for me.

I have a book for Textile artists… like the one in process above.

One for graffiti art, One for artists and writers.

A gallery here in Santa fe has given me a wealth of artists to follow.   Manitou Galleries. One of those artists I need to know more about is Fran Larsen. Her art has captured my imagination.

You could look up the information you need on the net… and cut and paste to a program or file.

I figure if I do all that work I need to have something in my hand at the end of all that work.

I used to save magazines… but it gets confusing… now I do a virtual clipping into my book.

Tonight I researched the work of Mary Snowden.




Robert Henri.

Robert henri - Google Search

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  1. Candy says:

    Good idea Pam. I collect such stuff. I have two folders called ”Potively’ a collection of inspiring articles collected over quite a long period. The design file is huge and unsorted…..and that’s pre computer. I have started reading ‘Steve Jobs’ the author Walter Isaacson has me enthralled, I love it. My fav quote so far is his term of ‘gathering string’ ie threads for the project. I have a lovely pen & ink illustration on the wall of a jar with little bits of string, ie inferring a collection of no particular purpose….yet! So appropriate.

  2. Candy says:

    POSITIVELY -, this auto spell catches you out!

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