Amongst other things, a day traveling.

Tecolote Cafe - Santa Fe, NMTecolote Cafe – Santa Fe, NM (Photo credit: Umpqua)

I traveled most of the day yesterday. There was a clear sky with huge white clouds, the vistas were wide and spectacular, I had to talk to myself to concentrate on driving.


I listened to classical music for the most part so it's like driving through a movie scene.

I prepare articles in my head and design quilts so the time is well spent.

When I arrived in Alamogordo I found I was so relaxed I almost went to sleep -  but not relaxed enough not to have a Green chilli cheeseburger.

The best thing is that my family filled and sent my prescription I had forgotten. I tried taking herbal stuff… but that doesn't work. (I only take half a tablet of medication a day but is sure makes a difference when I don't have it)

To be honest, I'm experiencing sensory overload.  I haven't had time to finish my review on recent events. 

I did try to go back to the Tecolote Cafe to once again yesterday morning to experience the breakfast and the ambiance we had had the day before,… but sadly they were closed, so it wasn't until I was well on the road that I finally decided to eat.

It was a "Good old on the road breakky," but not what I had planned.

I love the diners on the road… It reminds me of watching the Andy Griffith show when I was young. So different from home.

So to get back to 'Sunday with Debbie'… Hmm, that sounds like  a movie title….

Of course we visited all of the booths at the festival.

We bought some interesting things and it was a privilege to meet the artisans.


boots from Uzbekistan

Narantsetseg (Nara) Sambuu


Narantsetseg comes from a family of traditional nomadic herders and learned her skills from her family. In 2000 Nara was instrumental in establishing the Hovsgol Park Cooperative through funding from United States Aid for International Development (USAID). Before establishing the cooperative artisans worked individually in their homes and they sought markets alone. Forming artisans into small groups enabled all to help each improve productions systems and accessing additional markets. The cooperative specializes in making garments, felt boots, purses, and toy animals for their children made from the felt scraps. As more Mongolians move into the cities for work there is growing local demand for traditional folk art.

We even found quilted boots



silk shawls from Pakistan

Debbie so knidly wanted to share mor of Santa Fe with me, so we did lunch at the Coyote Cafe, (I've talked about that in a previous post) but I hadn't done Canyon road.

The unique mingling of fine art galleries with gracious adobe homes on winding, shaded streets is the essence of Canyon Road's charm. Although it is just blocks from Santa Fe’s busy plaza, Canyon Road’s special quality arises from its history as a rural neighborhood of small farms scattered along an old Indian trail.

The oldest adobe houses on Canyon Road date at least to the 1750s, built as modest, two or three-room dwellings by early Spanish settlers. Each house was the center of a family farm that raised corn and wheat and vegetables on the fertile patches of land bordering the Santa Fe River. In those days it would not have been unusual to see a small flock of sheep being driven up the road on the way to green, mountain pastures deeper in the canyon.

I've decided to do a full blog on the things I found in Canyon road.


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