Canyon Road Santa Fe.

At the Jane Sauer Gallery we found art work by Carol Shinn.

Carols technique of freestyle machine embroidery derives from her special skill of drawing. She layers different colored threads, one upon another to completely cover the canvas…. it was just amazing.



Summer Meadow


At the same gallery I found the art of Charla Khanna

You might enjoy this article about the giving of dolls and the artist Charla Khanna.

The dolls of Charla Khanna hang on the wall as works of textile art: “These are not dolls or little people,” Khanna says, explaining that the dolls are “manifestations of the human spirit, of the varied aspects of the human psyche.” They are “expressions of states of being,” she adds. Thus Khanna clearly dismisses any notion that her dolls are merely decorative or trivial, as beautiful as they are.

Viewing Khanna’s dolls, one wonders what culture and gender they represent. They seem to reference the Taos artist’s proximity with both Native American and Hispanic or Mexican cultures, but they have an Asian sensibility as well. Nor are the dolls gender specific. Their androgy-nous aspect reinforces the metaphoric aspect of each doll, asking the viewer to tell their stories for them.



Anniversaries II

The there was the work of Cindy Hickok, I talked about her work in previous blogs.


Cindy Hickok uses the sewing machine as a freehand paintbrush to render amazingly precise and humorous images.  She ingeniously borrows from the Masters to guide the viewer through an entertaining tour of art history.  Her abilities are second to none while her sense of humor thoroughly enhances the experience of each piece.  The Masterpiece is truly redefined by her needle and thread.

Cindy says, “The needle is my paintbrush; thread is my medium; the sewing machine an extension of my arm.  My journal is my constant companion.  I record images, quotations, ideas and news commentary.  With tongue firmly in cheek, I incorporate many of these in my artwork, women’s issue being among my favorite topics.

There were many more things I want to report on… but time is of an essence today… maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Dolores says:

    I have loved Carol Shinn’s work for years. She has a book out too – “Freestyle Machine Embroidery: Techniques and Inspiration for Fiber Art.” Her work is truly amazing. I particularly liked her pieces on old cars and trucks.
    Thank you for showing us the work of Hickok and Khanna.
    Just a question: When you are in the area and/or Mexico, do you listen to the music? Just wondering as I quilt and listen to Marco Antonio Solis.

  2. Karen Rips says:

    Pam, if you get tired of Tecelote, there’s a great breakfast place just down the street called Pantry. My husband and I were in Santa Fe Last week for the Folk Art Market,and walked down Canyon Drive, your descriptions are way better than mine. Hope your still having great weather. Karen ( 12 x 12 )

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