Photograph the day

It's a fun exercise.

I took my small camera (point and shoot) which is a very sophisticated camera by the way, and set it to take sepia images. I love sepia photos, I find it makes you focus more on the image that working with color. Its vintage and the shadows add dimension to the photos.

I photographed, the things I saw and took interest in as I traveled to my next venue.



Photographing the hollywood stars



Each day we view millions of compositions, try capturing some for a day

Some of the images were taken out of a tinted car window adding another dimension.



I want to be able to look back in 10 years and check fashion and car styles.


Others were taken when I was walking to lunch in Long Beach.



luggage, how it changes over the years



lunch a Normandy crepe

Its a fun experiment, it costs you nothing and you have a great record of the day.


You can see the full album if you feel so inclined at

Pam Holland



One of the lights in my hotel room…. I love this.

So preparation is underway for Long Beach. People are arriving with anticipation…. its almost set up and I wonder what I will have to report on tomorrow.



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  1. PattyBYoung says:

    Nice photos. I thought about that Leica, but went with a Canon instead. Maybe I’ll see you in Long Beach!

  2. Wow amazing!Nice photographs,I like the Pam Holland one..

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