Long Beach is about to begin.



I worked on the computer finishing a program today, had lunch, a long walk and had my nails done.

Long beach is about to begin and we get to see the quilts and shop the booths tomorrow.

Its such fun seeing everyone arrive. Cars bursting with quilting paraphernalia pull up to the hotel door. Trolleys full of cases, and 'special' bags are lined up waiting to be taken to the rooms in the Hyatt.

I didn't take one photo today. I can't believe it. However, I certainly observed..

I went to a Greek restaurant for a snack for lunch…. It was packed.

Why, well number one the food is great, secondly the proprietor, greeted every guest as his special friend.

He  greeted everyone with a hug and a jovial laugh and everyone walked in smiling. Then as you left he did the same.

I watched as he greeted possibly 100 people in this way. I couldn't help but smile.


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