The wind down


Goodness. I began this blog 3 times last night and got distracted with other work, then I succumbed to sheer exhaustion. It was if I had a hand on my shoulder holding me back.

Its the wind down after a long tour.

Looking back, its been an inspirational tour. I've loved every minute of it.

I am so lucky that I get to meet  the nicest people. My friends in Ireland on the tour and class, friends in Alamogordo, New York, LA, Long Beach, Taos and Santa Fe.

A number of people came up to me when I was photographing yesterday and mentioned "I know you, I read your blog, or I follow your videos on the Quilt Show" well, thank you for being interested. I really do appreciate your sentiments.

My camera has captured my life in images and I've documented it in words in great detail on this tour. I'm putting it into a book this time.

Even though this is my Sabbatical year, I had to take a break to fulfill  commitments overseas but my mind and heart is never far from the huge body of work I'm undertaking at home.

Wednesday I arrive home with  new ideas and a burning desire to continue with the Bayeux, early mornings, strong coffee and creativity in the studio.
I'll have open arms for hugs from the children, family and Grandchildren.


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