Moments of impact define who you are.

Moments of impact define who you are. 

Its an interesting thought isn't it.

Many of us have trigger points in our journey that eventually change the way our life path winds.

I attended the funeral of a special friend on Wednesday, Dr Eric Nicholls. He was a friend and an inspiration in everything he did… I wonder what impacts gave him such insight and strength.

He was instrumental in bringing hundreds of Vietnamese orphans to Australia at the end of the War in Vietnam.

The adoption of our first child from overseas…. Joshua was a pivotal time for our family and Eric was there at the helm of the Adoption Agency ASIAC (Australian, society for Intercountry Aid to Children)

Since then 100's of children passed through the agency.

Certainly a moment of impact for 1000's, families, and children.



Image 1

Joshua Amnauy Holland


Of course Joshy didn't look like this when he was handed over to us from the taxi that pulled up to our hotel.

"Sorry Ma'am we've given you a green baby" said the caretaker.

She handed me a small 3 lb scrap of humanity, he was 3 weeks old, severely malnourished and suffering jaundice which did indeed turn him green because his skin color was dark!!!

5 months later he looked like this, and his precious presence changed the course of our lives…

Just a few months later Suchada aged 12 and Phat aged 15 joined us and I was just 27, Keith 28 and we had a family of  6 children.

I could certainly tell you some stories about those years specially dealing with social workers and a few in particular….!!!!! One day I will write a book. Its all in the diaries.

The foster children who passed through our family over 20 years… 150 approximately.

Selling our first designs in our Fashion Design Business, (Mixed Blessings)

My business partner and I went on to sell internationally and on a nation scale during our 15 years, not bad for bumbling home sewers in the beginning.

Discovering quilting and how on earth did I become a teacher….?

I have no idea, I think it just happened.

Today, my book goes to the printer… its sure a moment of impact and it now defines me as an Author, illustrator, photographer and publisher.

Author I've been for a while… but being described as an illustrator is new and very exciting.

I hope it defines who I am.


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  1. Diana says:


  2. No Pammy, those things, though important do not define who your are. You are a lot more than just that. Your generosity, creativity,courage, perserverence and kind and caring soul say a lot more about who your are.
    Remember to keep me a copy of that book.

  3. Rachel Beh Kooi Lang says:

    Been following your block for the last two years, love every single one of your blog entry. Today, this one has just touched me so much, and I am so moved, I just can’t help my teary eyes…..
    Congratulations Pam, and may you and family always be blessed.

  4. gayle says:

    I agree with Rachel. Bless all people like you, Keith and your family.

  5. Eileen says:

    Pam, I hold you in high admiration. Until not it was for you art, but to have touched the lives of 150 children that is a truly a gift and speaks volumes of you and Keith. Congratulations!

  6. Penny says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Pam. The world could use more Pam’s & Keith’s. I hope your book will make people realize they could make an impact on young lives. I look forward to the release of your pride and joy.

  7. Hayfa says:

    It is very touching story. God bless you & all your family.

  8. Amazing story! I have yet to meet you in person, but if we are ever teaching at the same venue, I will have to stop by to say Hello. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

  9. Pam says:

    Rachael, thank you…. I think I got a bit emotional as I wrote it… I didn’t meant o.

  10. Pam says:

    Those children didn’t have the opportunity that ours did… some stayed for a year, others were here for a fleeting moment.

  11. Pam says:

    Penny everyone can make a difference.

  12. peggy a bass says:

    Pam, i too have been following your blog for several years…your life story is amazing…we met briefly in houston last year during festival and one day will take a class from you…you inspire me daily…peg in kansas soon to be louisiana…

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