What are you reading today?

I don't know about you, but I have books open and placed strategically all over the place.

I have some placed on the table by my chair in the downstairs TV room, some in the studio and in the dining room. (just in case)

I have a lot on the Ipad.   Mainly text books BUT on a recommendation I downloaded 50 shades of grey and after reading the first part, I wished I'd saved my money for something decent.   My rating for this book. Zero out of ten. 

Next to my computer in the TV room I've got the small book of  The National Geographic best photographs…. I can study one photo each day.



National Geographic Best Photos.

Studying one image each day has more impact than browsing the whole book for me.




I bought this old book a few months ago, but not had time to read it… its hard going but interesting and is sitting on the table.



This book was at the Victor Harbor library in 1950



I saw the work of Carol Shinn in Santa Fe and I already had her book out to study so it's opportune.

I have a short attention span when I read unless I have study to do. So positioning them works for me.


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