Bayeux Discipine

Trying to fit everything into a normal day has been a little challenging over the past couple of days, with grandies, 4 dogs, Dr's appointments for littlies, a new baby and special lunches. etc.

Two more days and I begin my Bayeux Discipline again.


It sounds like an exercise routine.

Well in reality it is a bit… an exercise for the mind and creative spirit.

Right now, Tilly is sitting on the exercise machine with giant size 4 red knitting needles and grey cotton thread knitting a cheese-ball… !!!!! now that's creative.

I have been working on a project for the Bayeux book.. This will be No 5 project and it is a panel showing the Hotel in Bosham where Prince Harold is enjoying a last drink before sailing to France. The quilting has images of Medieval  women's heads in black single line quilting.

This quilt will be appliqued in fine blanket stitch as an experiment.



My pattern scrolls.


BUT, no more today.

Just early mornings.

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