The Houston Project.

I'm gradually working through the list.

I've decided on a project for the Houston silent Auction and I thought you might like to see it in production.

The subject I've chosen is "The Fisher-mans Mother" by Helen Mabel Trevor and I saw this picture in The National Gallery of Ireland


I wanted to have an image from Ireland, although I have done some drawings for my tour folk…

(Yet to be delivered).

I've deliberately chosen a difficult subject and picture, because I want to challenge myself.

I've not done a portrait in this genre.  It will need to be done in single thread free motion embroidery. I want the hands to be the feature and the rest of the image to blend into the darkness of the Cherrywood fabric border.

I printed the image onto Maywood Shadowplay fabric and it is adhered to the background fabric with fine fusible web.

I'm not sure where to begin…probably the face. However, I think I will blend the two with ink before beginning the stitching.




Bayeux Discipline for today.



Bayeux Discipline.

I completed the illustration on the applique.

Actually I have a little more detail to add to the roof tiles… then I can sandwich it.

Unless you feel the piece you can't tell what is illustrated and what is applique.

I'm going to applique this with a very tiny blanket stitch instead of the satin stitch I normally use. Once again this is an audition for something else…


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  1. Eileen Keane says:

    Words fail me on your Houston choice. I so love your work. I’m following your Bayeux discipline also. It is a masterpiece, and The Fisher-man’s Mother will be one too.

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