The Houston Project.

Its cold, wet and dark outside.

I woke with a start at 3.00 am, but only made it as far as the TV room.  Snuggled under a quilt I promplty fell asleep again.

I have a very early meeting today so that's the reason, the body clock was on alert.

I've just wandered to the studio, coffee and cheese toast in hand accomapnied by my minders Ralf and Lionel.  (Both of whom are pleased I'm home)


Baby duties are finished as Mum goes home and Tilly is now an official BIG sister.

Now I'm back to as Normal as I can be.

The Houston Project needs to be done in daylight so I put it aside last night and will return to it when I finish at the meeting this morning.

Why daylight?

The colors are subltle, I use yellow lights in the studio because I detest white light and that distorts the color.

I have the original picture by my side and like a painting painting or coloring, I create a deeper layer and then enhance with lighter points. Some stitches on her face are just a few single stitches…Her face is just 1 1/2" deep so I'm working in fine detail.

In some instances I then go over the lighter area to take the color down a little.

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