The Houston Project.

Its been one of those days today. Nothing went to plan.

The Summerhouse studio almost burnt down. The wiring was smoking in the walls (and its a wooden structure) It was as a result of a storm damage with water leaking into the wall cavity.

Image 1

This end was safe, the other end is a mess

The carpet has been removed. My drawing desk is OK and nothing of value was damaged.

My book proofs arrived from Hong Kong and had to be done instantly and sent back tomorrow.

So with workmen, Designers, family, and a dog called Lionel !!!! it was chaotic.

I kept calling Lionel, and the workman kept answering… took me a while to work out his name was Lionel too.!!! 🙂

Needless to say, I did very little on The Houston Project, but it wasn't far from my thoughts.

Should I extend her walking stick to the bottom of the quilt… would it look a bit strange or would it make you look twice. I think I will cut another walking stick from fabric and add it to the image to see what it looks like.

It won't take me long to finish the rest of her garments. I don't want to rush it though..I need to capture the folds of the garments.

I have spent many, many hours in art galleries photographing and looking at how artists create folds in garments…. how they paint lace and silk fabric… I would love to do that in thread.


This is a small portion of a painting I captured.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    It sounds like you were very lucky! We are socked in with smoke from several wildfires in our state.

  2. Eileen Keane says:

    Thank goodnes it was caught in time! Is the building insured? The Houston Project will be there when you can back to it.

  3. Naomi in Oregon says:

    What a scary thing to have happen!! Very lucky it wasn’t worse.
    I think I’d be drawn in by the walking stick extending to the bottom. It might pull her forward from the background.

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