The Houston Project.

I'm not sure if you know, but you can purchase this piece at the silent Auction in Houston.

I'm not too sure if they take phone offers… but you could  ask it you wish to purchase it.

I didn't get too far today, I'm trying to micro manage and sometimes I'm not too good at it.

I've added a piece of fabric to extend the walking stick… it looks rather stark right now, but it will be blended in eventually (that's if I decide to keep it)

I'm creating a layer of  light first, using free motion Zig Zag.

Next I will layer the purple, then the dark thread.

How do I cover the edge of the picture….?

Should I continue the folds of her garments out into to border. Similar to this quilt.?



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  1. Pam, I am going to assume the deep purple is what you are calling borders? there is something appealing about the roughness of the edges of the picture. Like an old beloved and well handled photograph that is taped into an old album.
    I am enjoying watching the progression of this piece.
    Barb Douglas

  2. Sandi says:

    I like how you extended the stitches out the bottom of the artichoke. Is this what you are thinking of doing for the bottome of her robe and stick?
    I like the edges as described by Barbara above of the worn photograph if you choose not to bleed the stitches at the bottom.
    I look forward to seeing this piece in Houston this year!

  3. Julia Arden says:

    I like the mystery of the woman and focus of her hands. I like the distressed look and maybe you could just fade the image out to the border with paint rather than the artichoke idea.

  4. Pam says:

    Barb, that’s a great idea, I might do it in the next one… however, I want to blend the image in with the border so that the face and hands feature rather than have a definite edge that will take your eye.

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