Almost finished the Houston Project.

Up early working and there is yet another storm raging outside the studio. It's not going to get above 13 degrees today so the warmth of the studio is comforting even though its still dark outside.


There was a promise of spring yesterday it was sunny and almost warm. I did a radio interview for the Eliminate program and we hope a lot of folk turn up for our event next week.

After our close call with an electrical fire on the Summer House studio last week, work is proceeding and I think the painters are coming in today.

I, have a most important function to attend – Grandparents day at school, Miss Tilly has been anxious for me to attend.

I will also finish the Houston Project. I've almost completed the quilting on the border.

I'm saying a big thank to someone up there for letting me get over the lurgy I had this week.

I haven't felt that ill for a long time…  and I imagined I would be sick for a week or more… !!!!


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