Finished the apple tree.

Its been an interesting day.

I worked on the little quilt till about 2.00, I had basically finished it… then I had an appointment at the skin specialist and came home at 5.00 with 20 stitches in my back and shoulder….

So I'm working fast before the anesthetic wears off. !!!!!

Well I mentioned I was going to quilt it differently… and yes, I began to… but I didn't like it and pulled it out.

In the other quilt, I quilted diversions around the outside bows… it always annoyed me so this one is just square.


I originally thought I would put an interesting back on the quilt.

I was going to quilt the farm scene from the back and it would show in the border on the front…. but it wasn't detailed enough. I tried it… didn't like it.

I colored part of the back with pen.

So this new little quilt is a little different to the first one because the border quilting is fine 1/6th inch wide.

I quilted the quilt below the same way a few years ago, but the back fabric was more detailed and looked better.

OK, now I can finish… and relax with vegemite toast and coffee.

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  1. Diana says:

    I hope you are feeling better by morning.

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