Updating projects.

I designed this small quilt  a couple of years ago under the name of Illustrative Quilting.

Of course I change my techniques at times and as I mentioned in the previous post I shared the ideas with my friends yesterday.

Some of the ladies decided to create their piece in pencil and I loved the effect. It is more subtle that the pen.

So early this morning I made this piece.

I've used Prisma pencils because I like the softness…

Many quilters are using Derwent Ink Tense… and indeed I have too, but I like the softness of Prisma or Derwent color Soft. I feel I can blend the colors a little more effectively.



Prisma Pencils.


This illustration of Minnesota is done using Ink Tense pencils.


Ink Tense is a harder pencil. You tend to see the lines.

The quilting on this small quilt will be different too. I'm going to quilt it from the back…Why?

Its a surprise…. I'm just about to see if it works…..so stay tuned.

I've almost finished the borders of the Houston Project so I hope to complete that today too.!!!

I'm just having a quiet morning in the 'shed'



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