My fusible is unfused.


I've been working on my program all week and finally its finished.

I'm confident about doing a program with quilting content, but this is a little more so I've taken a lot longer to get it just right. Music is synced, and it all runs smoothly.

I have a back up in case the computer has a hiccup.

Mr Kaiden was my assistant this morning so that was very helpful !!!!

We both ate 2 chocolate teddy bear biscuits each and sang Twinkle twinkle little star with our hats on…

But, the program is ready, the food organized… the car packed and I now have an hour to relax and write the blog.


I admit to having a heart melt down yesterday when I opened my last 50 ft roll of fusible web… and it's separating.

An email to the company in the US tells me that they are having a problem with the paper…. eek.

I did find that if I very gently unroll it, it doesn't seem to pull the fusible glue up… the sound of it unrolling schlickkkkkkk    gave me that clue.

SP_Heartfelt_Stitching_Heart_RedNOshadowDoes anyone have any good ideas how to re-attach the glue film.?

I'm always asked in class and I never know the answer.

So no work on the Bayeux today!!!!






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  1. Lynn in Orlando says:

    I have had the same problem for a recently purchased roll myself…..and it is so frustrating. Hope someone has a solution….I’ll check among my quilt friends
    I love that picture of Kaiden….what a doll!

  2. Lorraine Carthew says:

    Hi Pam
    I do have a tip for attaching your webbing back to the paper.
    Lightly spray your paper with Basting Spray and gently press, with your hand, your webbing back onto the paper. It is important you only lightly spray the paper. Do not use an iron to attach the webbing to teh paper. I suggest you try a small piece first, as I do not know which brand of fusing you have.

  3. Pam says:

    So I’ve worked trying the glue back method for a day, it worked… but I’m not sure of the long term effects and on this project I’m not prepared to compromise…. I have so many pieces to do…. (1000’s) I think I have to throw this entire roll away and begin again.
    I will ring around here in OZ to see if I can buy it but in the mean time… I will do other things on the project.
    Lorraine thanks for the hint

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