Month: September 2012

The most amazing thing.

I’m a little uncomfortable about sharing this incident,  however, it is part of the story I’m working on right now so I figured I need to add it to my documentation. The past few days I’ve been creating the two  altars hiding reliquary that are symbolized on the Bayeux Tapestry. My son, Jamie, friend Carolyn and I were filming in the Cathedral some years ago, It is part of the documentary we hope to make. Situated below the main church the crypt is  quite dark, lit only by a few lights behind the supporting pillars.It was so dim that we had to stand for a short time to allow our eyes get used to the dark. We noticed a tall dark, swarthy man standing over the altar with his hands outstretchedplaced at the edges of the altar which is about 6 foot wide by four foot deep. It stands taller than bench height and is made of stone I think.We stood quietly trying not to pry and afraid to move in case we disturbed his …

No Power.

There has been a huge storm raging. Then suddenly. Bang XXXX all the power went out. We've been without power for  hours and I had an adventure cooking eggs and tomatoes by  candlelight, and making toast over the fire. We finished it off with chocolate and the company of a neighbor who only has electricity, no gas. Fortunately it's back on again but its a bit scary out here in the studio.. so I think I will retire. We don't realize how much we rely on electricity. I need my computers, ipad, ipod and nano…for a start. Lights are an advantage as are my sewing machines, tv's and irons. Oh, then again we need the washing machine and the dryer…and an iron. I think I could manage without my electric toothbrush, facebook and the phone because I use the cell phone…..Thats about it.        

The next panel.

…TOOK THE OATH TO DUKE WILLIAM – HERE DUKE HAROLD… This is the most detailed – facially – of the figures depicting William in the Tapestry: and his seated figure is majestic and over-sized, similar to the scenes where a seated king Edward bulks larger than other mortals around him. Note the pair of figures behind the duke’s throne: is the one holding his fingers up to the others lips to stop him from “spilling the beans?” The story that Harold was tricked into promising William support in his claim to the English throne was attested by Harold himself, according to later Norman accounts (even the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle – “C” – admits that “William from Normandy (was) king Edward’s kinsman,” thus implying that he had a recognized claim). What made it worse for him was the hidden relics under the draperies of the alters. Perhaps the English artisans alluded to this Norman sneakiness by hinting that the two observers behind William knew what was going on. By first becoming William’s vassal, Harold bound himself to …


I have 4 pairs of scissors. All the same.They are just wonderful for cutting small applique details.Originally I used the scissors shown below, but I ended up with callouses on my fingers.I can put a pair at each station as I work. One on the light box, one on the light box,one by the fabric. One on the table and one by the ironing pad.Indulgent it may be, but with a 30 foot studio, it saves a lot of thinking, walking and time.

Photo Essays – give a child a camera.

Not too much work done today, antihistamines take away the work enthusiasm, so I stuck to the household mundane and even slept a little. Life is a little clearer now… because I slept off the effect of the tablet, and also the window cleaner made the windows invisible and I can see out  – finally. It's going to be a joyous and action packed weekend. Flitting from one social engagement to another… but I want to do some more work on my African lady if I get the opportunity. I did a photo essay today of Kaidens first painting experience. Working a photo essay is a great way to capture that moment of time. I take dozens of photos of the event and then just choose the ones that flow naturally. Of course with children its not always easy to do, but it's really worth the effort. I hand held my camera, but you could use a tripod and that helps with the sudden movement of the child.. considering an essay is not necessarily a …

Learn from the Master.

Weather wise, its one of those gorgeous spring days… In fact, the maintenance man is here, cleaning the roof and the windows… so I think that's  definitely a sign of spring. Its a bit hard to focus on my Bayeux Discipline, BUT I've managed a few hours this morning….and I have about 3 more hours to go…. Focus, Focus amongst working on the shopping list, putting on the washing, talking to the kids, cleaning, visits from family and business… "Gees Louise" I picked  up  a couple of buddies from the plane yesterday, They arrived an a patterned plane.!!! very fitting I reckon. We sat by the beach, walked the jetty… talked lots, shopped and then had a super dinner at the Star of Siam in Gouger Street. For those of you going to the event tomorrow…. you will have a wonderful time. You will learn from the Master…. take it all in and then lets see the results.  

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…TOOK THE OATH TO DUKE WILLIAM – HERE DUKE HAROLD… via Note the pair of figures behind the duke's throne: is the one holding his fingers up to the others lips to stop him from "spilling the beans?" The story that Harold was tricked into promising William support in his claim to the English throne This image is in The Bayeux Cathedral. It's high on the walls of the Choir and easy to miss.

Bayeux Castle

Its taken almost 3 days to complete this part of the panel.I’ve not colored it… I will do that when its appliqued… however, sometimes I fell the need to draw and add the color…. just because I want to see how it looks.The knight on the dark horse appears to be riding a gelding. Five or possibly six earlier examples of non-stallion mounts appear to be mares (almost exclusively ridden by Englishmen). Although stallions were preferred by the vast majority of milites, yet the poorer sort would settle upon any suitably trained mount that was affordable. The social stigma of riding a lesser beast is something they would have to put up with. And as is the nature of any skilled group, some knights would not excel at horsemanship and would find a more docile mount less of a burden. The choice of a gelding would then be deliberate. The lead horseman is obviously William because the hem on his mail is the same pattern. Superimposed on the motte of Bayeux castle are two back …

William and Harold – the sharing of war Ideas.

HAS GIVEN HAROLD ARMS – HERE WILLIAM HAS COME TO BAYEUX – WHERE HAROLD… The pennon on Harold’s spear proclaims him a knight. He had agreed to aid William in his rights in England. In William’s mind he was looking forward to the crown: Harold could not have believed such a thing, and probably felt that he could put William by merely becoming his vassal for certain holdings of his own there. This master-vassal relationship was viewed in France as unbreakable. But in England a thegn or housecarle was obligated to serve as a warrior because he was of the noble caste first. Whether or not he possessed even a single acre of land made no difference. If the king or his earl summoned the freemen to war he went. If he held land in his own right he could take his holding “where he would.” He could choose his own master, and later leave him and choose another. If he held his land from the king, church or an earl, he could renounce his …