Fusible web.

I have been consumed with my fusible web problem. I've had lots of suggestions and I did try some of the techniques to repair it… but it's not going to work for the amount of work and the small pieces I work with.. for instance… the hands of the soldiers, the fingers are about 1/16th of an inch wide.

I use steam a seam lite. (single) and it has been perfect but they tell me they have had a problem with backing  the paper. It appears that the glue doesn't adhere to it very well on some rolls.

I purchased some vliesofix today to hold me over until I can solve the problem.

I used vliesofix for 20 years… but it isn't as fine as the Steam a Seam lite I've used for the past 5 years.

So, I've been spoiled because it's the perfect product for the Bayeux project.


Those of you who use fusible web know that tracing the image onto the tracing paper side is best done with a pencil… The Vliesofix glue on the underside is so much thicker than the fine film on Steam a Seam lite.

Once again, I have minute pieces and if your pencil has to bump over the glue it causes distortion of the small images on the pattern.

Since beginning the new Quilt last December I have made 4423 applique pieces so you can see I need an awful lot.

It's just one week since I had stitches in my back and they are
driving me crazy. They are very annoying. I can have them out next
Sunday… however, I might find some kind soul to take the out earlier. !!!!!!

It's Fathers Day here in Australia and it's been a beautiful spring day.

We had a great lunch with some of the family then back to the studio.

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  1. Chrisee says:

    Fusible web can be a problem……I have been told to lightly iron the seperated layers together….especially when doing the amounts that you are, you need it to ‘work.’I used Heat Bond Feather Lite, which I loved to use cos it was lightweight and worked well, but it did not cope with the handling when I was blanketstitching the applique into permanent position.

  2. Rachel B says:

    Pam, Steam A Seam Lite is more like basting but there is a Steam a Seam regular and you can contact the company for advice.

  3. Rachel B says:

    Also, Pam can you and I chat about your BOM?

  4. Sherrod West says:

    Have you tried heat and bond lite?

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