Join me at a class in Italy.

My class in Abruzzo Italy next year is almost full but more students are welcome. It will be a truly International tour with students from several countries attending (in Italy)

To say the least I'm really excited.

There is an add on to the class to extend the time in Italy.

Venice, Florence , Cortona.

Can you  imagine how wonderful this will be?


The Alps are not the only high mountains in Italy – in Abruzzo, right in the middle of the Italian boot and not far from Rome, that's where the peninsula's highest peak is to be found, belonging to the Apennine Mountains: The iconic Corno Grande, rising no less than 2,912 meters above sea level! Where else in Europe can you find this – the Mediterranean sun, the sea always nearby, a life of culture and pleasure – and mountains that can easily compete with Switzerland's finest?! Abruzzo impresses its visitors with an amazing 21 ski areas. But then, it also has a multitude of sandy beaches and sea resorts – the most famous of which is probably Vasto, which at the same time has great historic value.


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