Can I do it.? – Ripped from Reality.

I might fall flat on my face trying this portrait. Its heavily detailed and the colors are similar in the face.

This is part of my 'Ripped from Reality"  series, and on the suggestion of a friend, Miss Rainee. I have decided to do a series of images featuring women and children. BUT, each one will be a different technique, with some similarities.

The reality part is that I want to use textiles other than quilting fabric to enhance and tell the story of the quilt.

On my first trip to Africa I bought this piece of vintage fabric.

Its an Incebetha/front apron worn by married women.

This one comes from the Hlubi clan.

It's constructed  on very heavy hand dyed fabric and completely hand stitched. It's decorated with fine applique and black glass beads.

Approximately 2 ft 6" X 12" it will be a perfect background for my thread painting.

I won't do the thread painting on it but the image will be done separately, cut out and stitched to the Incethetha cloth. I want to take advantage of the design on the cloth and add more of my own in brighter colors.


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