Ripped from Reality – Africa

As mentioned in the previous post I have decided to thread paint the image and then add it to the background.

I have some wonderful Cherrywood fabric which is almost the same mud color as the Incebetha/front apron.

I printed the image on to a soft, fine, white cotton backed with Vliesofix. You can see that it prints well, no need to buy fancy papers.

I decided to cut it out and then iron it onto the Cherrywood fabric.

I will extend it with thread, (the ears, beads, necklace etc)

The turquoise and white beads will be extended.



The image as it will look on the background piece.

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  1. Nola says:

    I am intrigued that you were able to print straight onto the white fabric. Is it a hight thread count? Will our normal domestic printers do that or have you used special ink. (Or is this why I am attending your 5 day workshop?)
    The face certainly looks like a huge challenge to me. I will be interested to see how you develop it, if you decided to share the progress with us.

  2. Pam says:

    Nola, it looks a bit funny right now, but it will work in the end I think.
    I used a fine cotton from Spotlight, its not an expensive fabric, but it has a nice hand to it and it’s a reasonably tight weave.
    I just used my canon printer, no special ink.
    Yes, I will share the process.!!!

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