Bayeux Discipline.

Oh, dear, I've just got re-started on the Bayeux and now I have to stop for a week. I'm off to Sydney for 6 days, 2 days with at the Sydney Quilt Guild and a 3 days photographing.

Finally I finished the Dinan Castle this morning.

Its taken almost 24 hours of work and yet when I photograph it, it looks so insignificant  however, seeing it in the piece, I love it and it is far from insignificant.

This image tells of a battle. This would have been a wooden castle so it's consistent that the foot soldiers would have set fire to it. Poor guys on top, I hope they survived the heat.

The man on the battlements with the keys on the end of his spear is Conan, he's giving the keys to the Castle and city to his attackers.

I've illustrated this piece but in general I wait until the applique is completed and then the illustration dyes the applique thread as well.

I just love working through the scenes, each one feeds a little more mystery and information to my passion.

It took a few hours this morning to press the last 30 feet. I have an iron press. It certainly ensures that the  applique is pressed down. I re-iron it every couple of months… just to make sure nothing fall off.


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  1. Chris John says:

    I cannot describe how I feel when I see your progress on this work. I feel as though I am watching quilting history unfold. Slowly, tantilizingly slowly. Each glimpse whets my appetite for the grand finale and yet I don’t wish it to end because there is also a history in the making which is as fascinating as the stories in the pieces themselves.
    Love your work Pam. xxx

  2. candy says:

    It’s looking splendid – when complete it will be splendiferous!

  3. Pam says:

    Chris, thanks so much, I feel the same… each scene fires my imagination… I pour over my history books and I find out the most amazing things…
    In saying that, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but its my journey and I’m happy to share it this time….

  4. says:

    Pam, This is really amazing. When it is complete I hope it comes to the US…………..I will definitely travel to see it. You are so creative and work so hard at your art. I enjoy your blog so much. Marilyn

  5. Pam says:

    Marilyn, it will travel trust me.!!!!

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