Sydney…. what did I see.

I had a lovely day today….

It was an early start, cold crisp and 6 deg when we left home. The dogs took one look at the packed bags, sort of rolled their eyes and went back to bed. (She's off again)


The Qantas club is a great place to people watch, I had pancakes with lemon and have specially brewed coffee. People are coming and
going, some seemed bored with  travel, but the young couple next to us excitedly were anticipating their overseas trip. Some times I make up my own stories about their circumstances. Is that legal?

I worked on my Irish illustration while Keith was  behind his paper.

The fliSV48-220pxght was great, I worked a little but the lure of my new edition of Selvedge proved too strong and I spent the rest of the time devouring the information.

Cath picked me up at the appointed time and we hadn't gone too far when we had to stop at a traffic light.

I took a gasp… to the left I noticed  trees and seats covered in knitting and fabric, the shop that accompanied them looked fascinating too.

Cloth what a wonderful name for a textile shop… so of course we had to stop.

We had a great visit… I'll  go back and take some interesting photographs on my days off.

Next stop. Material Obsession I was in heaven.



The lovely ladies of Material Obsession.


Kathy Doughty, owner, Author and Designer is delightful.

The shop is a riot of color. Fabrics to make your heart sing and I don't say that very often… but see for yourself.

I love Kathy's designs they are fresh and fun.


We had lunch overlooking the river and bordering that was a turquoise swimming pool that shimmered as the swimmers disturbed the water. The conversation was lively  and the day was just perfect. Thank-you ladies.



This gorgeous Kantha coat is mine… lined in  green fabric… its super.

I've just made coffee and bread an honey, I'm putting the finishing touches to the presentation I do in class each event… but I've been up since 4.00 so I think its time to retire and get up early and finish it in the morning.

We're going to have a great time in class tomorrow.


Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I LOVE the Kantha coat. You will look spectacular in it!

  2. peggy a bass says:

    i too love your kantha coat….i would like to make me one is there a pattern…peg in louisiana

  3. I just KNEW if there was an orange one of those coats you would buy one. I saw them on Kathy’s blog back at the Sydney Quilt Show time and when you said you were going to Sydney I wondered if you would come across one, not knowing you were going to Kathy’s shop. I’m hoping they are coming to the Brisbane Show as well. Where did you find a park in William Street to get into that shop? I left Sydney 30 years ago and I still have pangs of homesickness every so often.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    I love those fabrics.

  5. Pam says:

    Carolyn. I’m sitting in my hotel with it on…. 6.00 am and it doubles as a dressing gown.
    You would love them.. I know I will wear it a lot.
    As for the shop in William st, we got a park right out the front.
    Hugs honey.

  6. Pam says:

    Wendy, its sooooo comfortable.

  7. Pam says:

    Sorry Pet, they don’t have the pattern.

  8. Pammy my eyes which were brown are now bright GREEN!

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