Letter to Mr Apple.

Letter to Mr Apple,


Dear Sir,

Its sad. I feel a loss.

I have an uncomfortable feeling and its something deep inside the psyche that I have no control over.

It makes me disappointed in myself for not being stronger….

MY EMAIL IS DOWN…. it sets up a rising panic because I don't know what I'm missing.

It seems 1.1% of apple customers…. (which is significant) or is it the world 1.1% of the world are having problems with I Cloud.

Now I realize how much I rely on my email for communication.

I think I need to give the situation a lot more thought in the future.

So Mr Apple…. FIX IT SOON   please.

Yours in Desperation.



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  1. I’ve had this problem as well. So now I have 3 different accounts and they all come up when I click my Email icon on my computer. (An Apple.) I have to delete a lot but I get all my messages.

  2. Lynn in Orlando says:

    Pam, Go into “help” under settings.
    They will give you steps to correct it.
    As I recall, press the home button once, then press the icon for email until it “jiggles”….if it is in the bottom of the screen and a minus sign shows up, click on the minus sign, then press the home button twice, then press the email icon. See if this works.

  3. Lynn in Orlando says:

    I found the list and so I am sending it again as it is a bit different than the one above. My situation was that I had a photo that was permanently on my screen and I couldn’t move into my email or delete it or anything. Went to the Apple “store” which is close by for me. Here are the steps (and they might be under the settings ap
    in “help”. Just try this in case it works for you. !. Double click on the home button
    2. Find Email icon in the bottom bar 3. tap and hold the econ until they all begin to shake 4. Tap the minus symbol on it to kill the ap (no it won’t get rid of it) 5., single click on the home button 6. Open you email……oh, I do hope this will work for you.

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