Make Lace Not War

Make Lace Not War

This is the title of the exhibition I was anxious to see and that was my destination today here in Sydney.

I wasn't sure what I was going to find.

134 artists from 20 countries unleashed their passion for lace in this spectacular exhibition of winning entries and finalists in the Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award.

I've never experienced an exhibition like this before, and I was quite surprised at the results.

As a photographer, the delicacy of the lace and the way the light played on on the folds and the resulting shadows was entrancing.


I took lots of photos, and these are just a small sample.



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  1. Nola says:

    My daughter and I visited this Exhibition earlier in the year and were blown away by the variety and creativity. It took us 2 hours to see it the first time round, had lunch and then revisted, chosing our favourites. The dress made of chain and links was fabulous and the use of lighting enhanced many of the exhibits. I too loved the machine lace tree and lighting giving it that extra dimension. A great experience. We both bought the book we were so delighted. xx

  2. Pam Holland says:

    Yes, it’s wonderful Nola, I can’t do justice to it on the blog, but I was amazed at the diversity.

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