Ideas for design.

Someone asked me a question the other day.

"What do you do when you're traveling and can't quilt"?

Those of you who know me that my life is full of creativity. I can write, I can draw, photograph and design.

However, my greatest pleasure is to visit Art Galleries as I travel.

I've been interested in them since I was 10 years old. I would thumb through the few old books they happened to have at our little library at Elizabeth. They wouldn't let me take them home so I spent hours devouring the images on the pages… I can still remember the smell, the red and white fabric book binding and having to sit hidden in the corner so they wouldn't put me out after an hour or two.

I would love to take groups of quilters to galleries to study composition and color.

This was a gem I found today.



My Crown and Scepter by Thomas Cooper Gotch – 1891


Mr Cooper painted his daughter.

Of course I would like to re-create it in fabric or in thread, but on the other hand I love the color combination.

I love the gold Fleur de Lis on the curtains. The red of the berries, the green of the plant and her blue eyes.

Going to a gallery is like mentally storing design… its there in your memory and sometime it just appears when you need it.

He painted this stunning piece too in the same year. I love the color combination.

So today I had a feast of ideas.



John Dickson Batten – Snowdrop and the seven little men 1897


James Tissot, France, The Widower 1876


That's not all I did today… I walked for 9 hours, went to the movies and shot lots of image.

I sat in the sun and ate very expensive fish and chips under the arms of the harbor bridge but what a way to go.!!!!


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