Ripped from Reality – Africa continues.

Its nice to be back in the studio….I had a super time in Sydney, but I was itching to finish this project, I need to finish it in a few weeks for a class.

I worked for 3 hours on this project this when I got home and at this stage, I'm not completely satisfied but its getting there… will I hand sew the hairs on her eyebrows…?  (maybe)  I like her eye. There are 10 colors there. I need to capture the depth.

I had a problem with the light colors, but I went through the thread stash and Mr Superior came up trumps.!!!

I've finished her eye and I'm working on the top part of her forehead. The definition of the wrinkles is a challenge.

As I walked from the plane, there was a little boy shouting "Upper,
Upper"…. much to the amusements of my fellow passengers he ran up and
down the glass partition till I got to the top….

He didn't stop talking all the way home, he still doesn't understand why I leave him. Bless his heart.

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