The next Ripped from Reality canvas.

I collected the  canvas I had printed for the "Ripped from Reality" series.

It is quite an expensive episode, but if it works out I think it will be quite effective. I manipulated my photo and had it printed onto  stretched canvas which is about 2 ft wide by 3 ft 6" deep.

Now that I have the size, I will print the lady on fabric and add batting and backing and thread paint it. Now the tricky bit is… that if I print it this size and stitch it, it probably will shrink a little. Maybe I'll just do the lady and leave the background printed. Maybe I need to print it bigger.

It has to be exactly the same size as the image so the rest of the picture matches. hmm, it's a bit tricky, any suggestions?

The feet will will also be thread painted, then I will cut out the image ad stitch it onto the canvas by hand. (Well that's the plan right now)


I've had no time to sit at the computer to write over the past few days.

I'm in the middle of writing a program and it needs a lot of study and things that I will forget as soon as I write them down!!!

However, you can see a very small part of the program if you come along to the Quilters Guild of SA on Thursday next. (4th of October) I have a few surprises to share.

I had some time with the grandies on the weekend, we went through the Jungle and I showed them how to suck the end of the little blue flowers to get the honey… "No Tilly only two flowers not the whole darn field"

The 'jungle' is at the end of the street and lots of fun to explore. We collected the sap from trees and tried to tell the age of the biggest ones.!!!!!



We also had some drama, a branch fell on my new red car in the wind storm on Saturday and gave it a punctuation mark on the roof.

We dog sat my daughters dog, and when playing with our dogs he fell through the window….!!!! He's not injured…. just the window.

I went shopping for an emergency item, I decided I was only going to the small local shop so left my ugg boots on….. The shop was closed… so I had to go to the fancy shops in the next town where the ladies have on their "Sunday clothes" I tried to hide my feet. I tripped and all the credit cards fell out of my purse spreading over a huge distance and under shelves… I had to scrabble on the floor to pick them up and they don't respond to shiny red nails.  Now that the attention was on me, I had forgotten to zip the coin side of the purse and all the coins fell out a few minutes later…. so scrabble on the floor again….  Having given my Mr Bean interpretation to the masses I went home and changed my ugg boots….!!!!



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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Love it! The incredibly talented Pam is as human as the rest of us! 🙂 My husband calls me “Grace”, and not in a flattering way.

  2. Candy says:

    Ha ha, brilliant. We sneak out hoping we don’t meet anyone we know….
    If you made the lady first and then had the size, would you print the canvas second by altering the photo
    to the size of the sewn piece?
    I guess it’s like nittng, you have to determine your tension. Washing the piece before mounting may relax the size back again.

  3. Candy says:


  4. Pam says:

    Human is right Wendy…. or should I say “Grace’ smile.

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