Learn from the Master.

Weather wise, its one of those gorgeous spring days…

In fact, the maintenance man is here, cleaning the roof and the windows… so I think that's  definitely a sign of spring.

Its a bit hard to focus on my Bayeux Discipline, BUT I've managed a few hours this morning….and I have about 3 more hours to go….

Focus, Focus amongst working on the shopping list, putting on the washing, talking to the kids, cleaning, visits from family and business… "Gees Louise"

I picked  up  a couple of buddies from the plane yesterday,

They arrived an a patterned plane.!!! very fitting I reckon.



We sat by the beach, walked the jetty… talked lots, shopped and then had a super dinner at the Star of Siam in Gouger Street.

For those of you going to the event tomorrow…. you will have a wonderful time. You will learn from the Master…. take it all in and then lets see the results.


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  1. Candy says:

    Excited Pam – registration at 7.30am will be like the middle of the night for me ha ha! Having arranged a ride with Hubby, he woke me this morning – you’ve got the wrong day I said!
    What great sunshine & 28 degrees to welcome the visitors – then showers for the weekend – a great encouragement to be indoors at the event! Isn’t it lovely to be able to show off our wonderful home state.

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