Photo Essays – give a child a camera.

Not too much work done today, antihistamines take away the work enthusiasm, so I stuck to the household mundane and even slept a little.

Life is a little clearer now… because I slept off the effect of the tablet, and also the window cleaner made the windows invisible and I can see out  – finally.

It's going to be a joyous and action packed weekend. Flitting from one social engagement to another… but I want to do some more work on my African lady if I get the opportunity.

I did a photo essay today of Kaidens first painting experience.


Working a photo essay is a great way to capture that moment of time.

I take dozens of photos of the event and then just choose the ones that flow naturally. Of course with children its not always easy to do, but it's really worth the effort.

I hand held my camera, but you could use a tripod and that helps with the sudden movement of the child.. considering an essay is not necessarily a set up shot.

On the other hand…. Give a child a camera.

I often let the little people do their own essay by giving them my small point and shoot to use. You will surprised at what they do… the link above is photos Tilly took when she was 4.

Yesterday she did a super essay of the blossom on the trees…. she just realized they had bloomed and was very excited to capture the moment.

I think she used he Mums phone and added the filter herself.

But what better way to have children create images from the ordinary.

Photo 4

I was impressed at the way she looked at the blooms.

I went back through my photos the other day and it occurred to me that I need to do something special with them.

Possibly a book or even a DVD


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  1. ann says:

    My goodness, you do have beautiful grandchildren, I bought my six year old grand daughter a camera, she photographs everything from the ‘normal’ to the obscure – digital is a wonderful learning tool.

  2. Pam says:

    Ann, that’s a great idea… I have given them my old cameras,I think I will get them their own when they reach 7. I love looking through their eyes.

  3. Rach says:

    Tilly used the Hipstamatic on my phone mum! Cause she’s such a hipster! Lol

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