The most amazing thing.

Picture I’m a little uncomfortable about sharing this incident,  however, it is part of the story I’m working on right now so I figured I need to add it to my documentation.

The past few days I’ve been creating the two  altars hiding reliquary that are symbolized on the Bayeux Tapestry.

My son, Jamie, friend Carolyn and I were filming in the Cathedral some years ago, It is part of the documentary we hope to make.

Situated below the main church the crypt is  quite dark, lit only by a few lights behind the supporting pillars.

It was so dim that we had to stand for a short time to allow our eyes get used to the dark.

We noticed a tall dark, swarthy man standing over the altar with his hands outstretched
placed at the edges of the altar which is about 6 foot wide by four foot deep. It stands taller than bench height and is made of stone I think.
We stood quietly trying not to pry and afraid to move in case we disturbed his prayer. It seemed as if we were there for  a long time and we tried to remain invisible.

Suddenly, slowly moving from the altar he walked over to me and silently took my two hands in his.
He let me to the altar and gently placed my hands into the  hexagonal carved images on the top of the altar. I found it difficult, I’m not really tall enough to be able to comfortably stand there.
In a strong accent he said quietly behind me, “you are doing an amazing thing”

Picture He pointed to the ceiling, “under this cross you will feel the strength of ………” I couldn’t understand the words he said then. The others couldn’t hear it either.
He  pointed to the ceiling.
He then left quietly and I was too stunned to ask any questions.

Picture The ceiling in the crypt. Picture Jamie, after our filming venture. Picture I can never forget that encounter, I think if it often, I can’t explain it but when someone asks me why I’m re-creating the Bayeux Tapestry…. the image of this encounter comes to mind.

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  1. Lois Bruno says:

    To some, and to yourself perhaps, you seem driven beyond reason, but I believe there just is no choice but to enter the mystery. Your work does take you away from your beloved family, but your travels bring experiences to their lives they would not have otherwise. And besides, Bayeux brings you home again and again and again. I remain, “no frames & purple eye pieces”. I am learning so much from you. It’s not just from your work, but from the way you work. Thank you! Lois

  2. Mindy/Minka says:

    I had to go look up reliquary. Found it here:
    What is under (or inside) the reliquaries you are creating/depicting?

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