Brown paper bag kid.

It's 11.00 pm and its been a super day. The Govt even gave us a public holiday.!!!! Thank you.

The family made my birthday special and I appreciate it immensely.

Our Internet has been slowed the past few days so its hard to personally thank everyone, but once the situation has been fixed I can do that.

On my birthday, I always think of the miracle of my survival all those years ago.

I was just 3lb born and as a genuine baby boomer… I think it's amazing that I made it. No humid cribs in those days….well at least not where my parents were.

Mum told me that I was kept in a brown paper bag with cotton wool lining…

I don't know if it was fact or fiction…..!!!

Gees maybe that's why I'm like I am.!!! it explains a lot.

Mum and Dad have passed now, but I always have a special thought for them on this day.


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  1. peggy a bass says:

    pam ty for sharing this about your birth with us….hummm that could be the reason you have a passion for fiber…peg in l

  2. Mary O'Neill says:

    Pam, the cotton wool part would definitly be correct. I had a baby sister born three months prematurely in 1945 and according to my mother she was wrapped in cotton wool. Unfortunatly she didn’t survive,she was just too small.

  3. I am very glad you survived to share your love of fabric, and photos, and patterns and designs ….

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