I took a break.

Seems ages since I sat at the computer.

I gave myself a break and indulged in a busy social schedule for a couple of days.

I caught up with lots of friends from many different  interests in my life and it just happened to occur all at the same time.

However, it was wonderful, but I don't need to eat for a week or so now. I'm all talked out, I'm all birthday-ed out and I didn't have a meal home for 5 days.


Greek eggs for a breakfast event yesterday.

I gave a presentation at Guild last Thursday night and for the first time I shared my progress on the Bayeux.

I ummed and ahhed about doing so… but decided that my home Guild are important to me and I would share the progress with them.

I haven't seen the quilt it in this form either so it was new to me as well!!!.

I work on it, a foot or two at a time and that's the way I get through it.

But gees, daylight savings began today so now I effectively have to be up at 3.00 tomorrow instead of 4.00. !!!

I spent 6 hours today working on the beads of my African lady.

When you look at it like this it doesn't look much, but its a bit tedious going round those beads with the sewing machine. Some are rather small.

I decided not to thread paint the beads because I want them to stand out.

Originally I was going to bead the picture… but I rejected that idea because I couldn't get the angle of the beads correct. I may be able to finish the thread painting tomorrow, then I have to make the small pieced blocks.




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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    What a special treat for your guild to be able to see the Bayeux at this point. It is spectacular!

  2. Pam says:

    it was nice to see it out in this format for me Wendy. I only get to see it on the table.

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