No drips on the sneakers.

It was great to finish the stitching on my lady today, I'll get up early in the morning and work on the rest (after the Bayeux discipline)

I think I will make a small applique border like the ones on the this piece and applique the quilt onto this cloth.


I was dying today… making background pieces for class. In the middle of splashing dye around I had to control an argument between the dogs.

So I put the hose on them.

The the magpies kept dive bombing the koala and pecked him on the nose. I was watching from my kitchen window.

So I put the hose on them too.

I planted the tomatoes.

I put the hose on them and the artichokes and passion fruit.!!!

Then I put the hose on my feet and washed off the dye. It was freezing because I dye in bare feet… (no drips on the sneakers)

The old outside table is dyed multicolored so I didn't put the hose on that because I like it that way.!!!!

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  1. Hi Pam, looks like you had a very busy day yesterday. Cheer up! Have a good night

  2. Pam says:

    I was a funny day. I just laugh

  3. Wendy Pang says:

    My mother put the hose on an unwanted suitor. That got rid of him nicely. Hoses are useful.

  4. Lynn in Orlando says:

    I love reading your blog each day… are always up for whatever comes along. Do you think the koala pooped on the magpies?

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